Call for Papers

General Management:
In the era of automation & internet, Human factor is intentionally or otherwise kept at the backburner. If this is to be treated as progress, then a day is not far when systems and machines will be intelligent slaves working for human race without any human involvement. Will this scenario sustain and if the answer is how it will reflect on human beings. The predictability of new trends in offing would be difficult to visualize.
Keywords : Goal setting in complex technology, challenge of leadership, constantly changing formats of organisations, Inter of things, Internet of Services, AI & People management, Project Management, leadership in the rise of automation, Dispensability of workforce.

Marketing Management :

Managing delightful blend of contemporary marketing with tech-savvy tools like digital marketing would be a tall order for the professionals. Real-time usage of readily available data and transforming it into revenues and subsequent profits is the real challenge. There will be always be a tug of war for supremacy. The pace of human mind should match with the digital device.
Keywords : Ethical usage of data leading to intelligence, balance between premiumsation and value niches and Last mile connectivity, content marketing, Digital media and marketing research, PR, Advertising B2B., Marketing Analytics, CRM, Marketing Automation.

Financial Management :
Because of advancement in technology & digitalisation at lightening pace, the gamut of financing activities is experiencing metamorphosis.
In the years to come, finance as a domain is bound to experience paradigm shift from real to digital (Virtual). On this canvas, the skill set is going to be significant different than the present. Most of the functions would be designed, controlled and modifies with the help of AI. The real challenge lies in finding a trade-off between human intelligence and artificial intelligence.
Keywords : Crypto currency, Digital Wallets, Mobility Banking, Irreverence of Physical infrastructure with reference to retail banking, innovative financial instruments in digitised era, challenges in data management with respect to financial transaction of new era.

Human Resource Management :
Cognitive technologies and the open talent economy are shaping the future workforce, driving many organisations to reconsider how they design jobs, organise work and plan for the future growth.
To process broad business acumen to transform traditional HR practices into powerful competitive advantage, creating a new way of working in a world of continuous change.
Keywords :
Employee outcome, workforce flexibility, workplace spirituality, HR Sustainability, Social networking, Up skilling of existing employees, Identify new talents for future, workforce for digitalised world, Employee engagement in work from home arena, expanding skillsets in the age of robotics, challenges in Benchmarking.

IT Management :
In a business and technology climate where the ability to innovate has become critical to survival, many companies still struggle to create the disciplined, innovation-nurturing environments. The process of innovating is, by definition, a hopeful journey into new landscapes. How can we develop breakthrough innovations that will set our business up for success in the future while delivering for the quarter?
With exponential technologies, the challenge becomes more daunting. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and Quantum Encryption demonstrate clear potential for impacting businesses in the time.
Keywords : Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud Security, Quantum Encryption, Cloud Infrastructure, Big Data, Hadoop, Data Analytics, Virtual & Augmented Reality, Intelligent Apps, Digital Technology, Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and smart things promise an intelligent future

Production and Operations Management :
Manufacturing remains to be hub of economies in world. Irrespective of the size of the enterprises, technology and market realities make up-gradation and change the compelling imperative. As these waves of change continue to shape the competitive landscape, manufacturers must decide how and where to invest in new technologies, and identify which ones will drive the most benefit for their organizations.
Keyword : Agile technology , Scrum, AI, Industry 4.0, Automation, Robotics, Internet of things for manufacturing, Smart factory, Connected enterprises.

CONFERENCE PAPERS : Eminent academicians and practitioners are invited to deliberate on these topics. Original papers on the above themes/ issues from academicians and practitioners are invited. The conference topics do not limit the author from preparing research papers or articles on related topics not listed above. However, while submitting papers, please indicate the appropriate track chosen. Case and empirical study highlighting past experience and those having policy / managerial implications, would be encouraged and preferred.