Call for Papers

General Management:
Good governance and relevant strategy making to best fit the change environment.
Keywords :
Inorganic growth of organizations through mergers and acquisition, Has human intelligence gone on a back seat because of artificial intelligence, Government role as a facilitator and not as a regulator, Managing the content and intent of globalization – the real challenge

Marketing Management :
The importance of conversion platforms to transform message designing and transmission.
Keywords :
Need of retrieval of human interaction in the wake of hyper digitization, Future of digital marketing – 2020-25 scenario, Use of artificial intelligence, algorithm and analytics for better research results, The increasing ad spend by organizations on digital channels, Importance of service sector for the global economy, The futility of think globally and act locally.

Financial Management :
Because of advancement in technology & digitalisation at lightening pace, the gamut of financing activities is experiencing metamorphosis.
Keywords :
Uniformity of global reporting standards- a need of the hour, The possibility of cross border investments by having Indian partnerships allowed to invest globally, New paradigms of financial governance in Finance, Ease of cross border fundraising – myth or reality, Need of emergence of new global currency.

Human Resource Management :
While designing HR structures and selecting the skill sets adaptability will be the key focus.
Keywords :
The complete metamorphosis of manpower planning in the wake of automation, The impending threat of digitization on employment opportunities globally, The tandem between skill development and global skill set – an Indian perspective, Hierarchy at workplace – a compulsion of globalization, Workplace productivity, Wellness of HR, Performance consulting, The consumerization of HR, Man – machine collaboration, Employee engagement, Psychological contract, Intellectual capital and strategic intelligence.

IT Management & Operations Management:
Innovation to create advance enablers through internet of things, robotics and artificial intelligence.
Keywords :
Is machine superceding man – an un-escapable threat, Possibilities of procuring goods and services from global marketplace without deterrents – a dream come true, Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, Green IT, Big Data and Data Analytics, Hadoop, SCRUM, Blockchains, Digital Twins, New Age Technology, Adaptive Security Architecture, Data localization, Cloud Storage and its Multi-Faceted usage.

CONFERENCE PAPERS : Eminent academicians and practitioners are invited to deliberate on these topics. Original papers on the above themes/ issues from academicians and practitioners are invited. The conference topics do not limit the author from preparing research papers or articles on related topics not listed above. However, while submitting papers, please indicate the appropriate track chosen. Case and empirical study highlighting past experience and those having policy / managerial implications, would be encouraged and preferred.